Last Rites

I have been loath to admit the following:

This blog, every other blog out there and the platform as a whole is:


In order to cope with this sad reality I drew a picture:


Even though computer culture has labeled me obsolete because I still keep a blog, I write in this space because I love to. I feel a little spark when I see that people are looking at my blog (and from foreign countries!) but I mostly do it for myself.

I am not in school or any writing programs. I miss writing. And not the everyday sort of journal writing that has been part of my life for years. I love words and sentences and thinking about the millions of combinations you can create in your brain to express a thought.

That said, I love writing and will always love writing, but I am going to allow this blog to slow down. Not because it is obsolete, but because my creative projects and goals have shifted in recent times. I have been churning out more physical forms of art and writing and have a few BIG DREAMS down the road which I would like to give my all to. They leave little time or energy for the blog, unfortunately, but I am excited about them and you can’t have it all.

Thank you everyone who has ever read or enjoyed my blog! I won’t be gone completely and don’t forget to keep me in the back of your mind!


About rosemetting

Writing, drawing, laughing.
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